Mayweather suspected fracture after UK exhibition fight


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. held another exhibition fight at the end of last week and did it for the first time in the UK. His opponent was a local MMA fighter
Aaron Chalmers, and the fight, as one would expect, went with the superiority of the main star of the show. The result of the 8 rounds has traditionally not been announced.

After the performance, Mayweather said that during the meeting he was injured. Maybe even a fracture.

“Actually, I injured my hand. It happened when I punched the side. Not many people know about it,” Floyd said. “I was throwing a hook and hurt my left hand. Badly damaged. It’s possible there’s a fracture. But we didn’t give a damn. I was still able to use my left. You need a jab to get things right. And he (Chelmers) was strong. He was able to withstand everything that flew into his chin.

In addition, Mayweather claims that there is nothing wrong with the voids that the arena stands gaped at.

“We did everything in one month, not even four weeks. I think tickets should have gone on sale much sooner. My new team is still learning and I have to take my hat off to them. It’s not their fault. When we fight in the States, tickets go on sale the moment we announce the fight. Here we announced the fight, and the tickets started to be sold only a week or even two after that.”

Shortly before all this, Floyd Mayweather compared himself to God, and also made a statement about a possible rematch with Pacquiao.