Magomed Ismailov defeated Ivan Shtyrkov in a boxing match

Magomed Ismailov defeated Ivan Shtyrkov in a boxing match

The boxing confrontation between Russian fighters Magomed Ismailov and Ivan Shtyrkov, which took place at the RCC Boxing tournament in Yekaterinburg, ended with another victory for the Bald Predator.

The professional fight, which led the event, went the whole distance, following the results of six rounds of which the judges, by a majority of judges’ votes with a score of 60-54, 59-55 and 57-57, gave the victory to Ismailov.

In the first round, Shtyrkov managed to successfully counterattack with long-range strikes, but Ismailov gradually increased the pace and already in the second three-minute period he took the initiative into his own hands, forcing the opponent, who was starting to get tired, to exchange at medium and close distances.

In the last two rounds, Ismailov’s stamina began to fail, and therefore the pace of the battle dropped noticeably, however, a few seconds before the end of the match, the fighters, to the delight of the public, staged a cabin, giving up the last saved strength.

Previously, Magomed Ismailov had already defeated Ivan Shtyrkov in a duel according to the rules of mixed martial arts, in December 2020 he won the Ural Hulk by unanimous decision at the ACA 115 tournament in Moscow.