Lopez will fight with Prograis – Teofimo Sr. even called the terms


Former undisputed lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (18-1, 13 KOs) will take on compatriot Regis Prograis (28-1, 24 KOs), who holds the WBC 63.5 kg belt.

About it
declared father-coach of ex-champion Teofimo Lopez Sr.: “We want to fight him. And already in April. He has no other options. And he wants a big fight. He wants – he will receive!

First, the former unified division champion American Jose Ramirez was supposed to fight Prograis, but he refused the fight – he was dissatisfied with the proposed fee (35% of the prize fund).

Father Lopez continues: “Did you hear what Ramirez said? That Teofimo won’t take a fight for this fucking money! And Prograis says he wants a rematch with Josh Taylor (lost to Slim in the Super Series final). He didn’t even mention Teofimo. And this despite the fact that Taylor will not give him revenge. And he knows it. His most realistic option is a fight with Teofimo. So why are you even talking about Taylor?”

According to Lopez Sr., “I have nothing against Prograis. Cool dude. I even like it. We somehow crossed paths with him. This is boxing. This is where you need to take the challenge. Do you think my son is a no-brainer? So come and get it! Now everyone is talking about how Teofimo will never beat Regis. But we have heard this before – before the fights with Richard Commey and Vasily Lomachenko. We made all these motherfuckers take it back And let’s do it again. Bitch kids, can you stop pouring shit on my son? My son won’t lose to this motherfucker. Never! Teofimo is talented. Prograis can’t move the way Teofimo does.”

Then Lopez Sr. suffered completely: “Let’s kick all the shit out of Prograis. And we will do it in every round. No knockout bet. Just boxing to knock the shit out is what Regis and people like him fear the most. They are afraid of pure-boxers. So don’t wait. I won’t tell my son to chase the knockout. And I never advised him to. I say: “If there is a chance, then you will knock out.” I don’t want to pressure my son. We defeated Sandor Martin. Fuck off, motherfuckers, we beat him!”

Lopez Sr. is counting on solid prize money for the fight with Prograis: “We want to return our minimum (the prescribed amount of the fee that Teofimo earned by defeating Lomachenko, but apparently lost after the defeat George Kambosos). Big grandmas! They’re going to have to go to the bathroom and fuck the shit out of themselves! They are fucking evil. And I love it. Tell Prograis we’re coming for his ass! I like this kid. But in boxing it’s different. And now he is not in his territory. Dude, we’ll get to your ass! Your second defeat is coming!”

You know Why won’t the Prograis-Ramirez fight take place? The fighters exchanged arguments live. A little later, the champion mentioned another desirable opponent: “The fight with Ryan Garcia is a cakewalk”. On the thin Martin who lost to Lopez named #1 super lightweight.