Lopez lashed out at Taylor and Ramirez. So he got a “new opponent”


Ex-absolute lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (16-1, 12 KOs) found out the name of the first opponent in the new division, after which he immediately
climbed into social networks to justify – He says he called the strongest, but they were all very scared.

“Dudes, I asked for a fight with (ex-unified world champion) Jose Ramirez and the rest of the tops at 63.5 kg. Even more! We are still negotiating about the opponent. But the trouble is, they all don’t want to have anything to do with me. It’s a piper! And the same (ex-undisputed division champion) Josh Taylor is such a bitch! He’s being protected like he’s in a witness protection program. Damn everything! Looks like I was born in the wrong era!” Lopez writes.

Lopez received a harsh response from Ramirez’s manager
Rick Mirijian: “Oh, you are a lying motherfucker! Submit an offer today and José will sign it, even if you have to fight for free. I’m not the kind of kid you can bluff with. But I’m friends with your manager. And if he dials me and tells me what conditions you are interested in, then we will quickly agree on everything. In that case, I’m even ready to run from California to Las Vegas on foot to get your signature on the contract.”

The manager did not stop there, as he has “8 top fighters on the contract in this weight. Just take my word for it that Teofimo is a f*ck.” According to Mirijian, “Lopez previously turned down Arnold Barbosa. I just said “no” and that’s it. I’m shocked. This generation has brought outright lies to some epic level of unprecedented unprecedented…”

It’s funny that Lopez did find himself a new opponent thanks to his tweet. It turned out to be the British ex-challenger Jack Catterall, who gladly joined Teofimo and also began to attack Taylor, who refused him a rematch: “I agree that he is that bitch. If he refused me, then he won’t want to fight with you either. But on the other hand, we can agree on a fight between ourselves … “

Then everything went like clockwork:

Lopez: “I’m in!”
Catterall: “Yes, I did not expect another answer. Just tell your people to contact me. And we will quickly agree on everything.”

Lopez: “I’m already calling. Only you look, do not switch to another target!
Catterall: “There will be no switching. I’m not this Asshole Tornado (this is how he beat Taylor’s nickname). I’m not hiding from anyone. And I’m my own manager. So I’m just waiting for a call. Have a nice week, dude!”

Lopez: “I agree. Talk less, work more. And you have a good week. Enjoy your time with your family. And then we’ll talk business.”

Ramirez’s coach
Robert Garcia also knew nothing about Lopez’s desire to fight his ward, suggests that Teofimo simply wanted to have an intermediate fight first.

Lopez answered this very politely: “Robert, you know me. I don’t need intermediate fights. I’m ready to risk everything again. As they say, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. I’m an old school type. So be ready for anything.”

Lopez is that talker. The other day he challenged Davis: “Get up to me, the light weight is already dead.” It is interesting that the only offender of Teofimo in profiring Australian George Kambosos is ready to give revenge to Lopez.

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