Lomachenko in the plans of Ryan Garcia. He is in the third place on the list.


Eternal contender American lightweight Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs) in July in Los Angeles (USA) will fight with the former world champion in the lower division Dominican Javier Fortuna (37-3-1, 26 KOs).

The other day, the young man took part in a press conference, during which he confirmed not only the fight with Fortuna, but also (once again) promised to fight the best of the best in this weight soon.

It turns out that Garcia even has a wish list.
It found a place to ex-division leader Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs): “My goal is the following: first I defeat Fortuna, then in December I fight Gervonta “Tank” Davis. And after defeating him, I hope to get some other star opponent – for example, Lomachenko. And so on. That’s all I ask.”

According to Garcia, Lomachenko is in the top 3 of the division, but not in first place: “Tank, Lomachenko and Devin Haney. Why “Tank” first? This is a smart fighter, experienced. And he is physically stronger than the others. He is also fast, counters well, can knock out with one hit. But I’m not here to hide. And I have always been frank with my fans. Although at times it didn’t work for me. Message for “Tank”? I don’t have any messages. If he is determined to fight seriously, then let’s go. If not, don’t waste my time.”

Previously, the Garcias wooed the Mexican Isaac Cruz. Ryan says: “Pitbull Cruz didn’t want to fight. This is in short. People may or may not believe me. But he just refused. With or without him, I will still be at the top of the division soon. That is exactly what my goal is.”

The other day, the undisputed division champion Haney was asked when the Davis-Garcia fight would take place? He answered honestly, and then also compared the acting abilities of Kambosos and Ryan Garcia. It turned out beautifully.

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