Kevin Holland reveals how Nick Diaz once tried to slap him over a T-shirt

UFC 14 middleweight Kevin Holland told The MMA Hour how former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz attacked him in the hallway for a T-shirt a few years ago.

– We somehow crossed paths with Nick, and he behaved very impudently. At that time I had a sponsor, Specimen. I was in their T-shirt. I’m walking down the hall when Nick Diaz walks past me. I don’t stop, I move on. And there my coach comes towards me, and I shout to him: “Hey, OG (“original gangster” – approx.), how are you?”. Nick thought I was his fanboy and I was addressing him. And that’s what I call my coach – “OG”. Nick said something cheeky to me, I responded. And he swung to give me a slap in the face.

– Got it?

— Oh, no, f***. I am the person who can be translated, but not the one who can be punched in the face.

“So what did he tell you?”

– Here he just said about this Specimen T-shirt: “This is my T-shirt.” He had the same. I replied: “What are you talking about, bro? Did you mess up a little?” And he looked at me like a psycho. And swung – uuuuh – I pulled back from the blow. I think: “Is this really happening now?”. Then he grabbed my leg, I started jumping on one leg, shouting to him: “Bro, from **** from me!”. My coaches ran up and dragged him away. He behaved impudently, there was such garbage. But it didn’t hit me, so I won’t lie. I have always been a Diaz fan, but after this situation, I thought about it. Now it’s all funny, but then I was on edge.

On September 25 last year, Nick Diaz lost by knockout to Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 in Las Vegas. This fight was the first for the 38-year-old Diaz after 6 years of inactivity.