Kambosos: “Try to guess what style I’ll choose against Haney”


The absolute lightweight champion Australian George Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) explained why the owner of the WBC belt (at Kambosos WBC Franchise) It will be so difficult for American Devin Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) to adapt to him in a face-to-face fight, which will take place very soon – on June 5 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne (Australia).

Kambosos says exactly the same thing that we briefly talked about earlier in our pre-match prediction: “Let’s say he wants to box, as he usually boxes: a lot of movement, feints, running around. OK no problem. I’m the same pressurer. But at the same time, I’m also a cool counter, and very accurate. And I don’t just throw singles or just twos. I throw punches in series: three, four, five or even six plops in a combination. Therefore, I do not care what he is going to oppose to me there. The question is whether he can handle my tonnage.”

“No one knows how I will enter the ring against Haney. Because I have so many options, so many strategies, so many ways to fight, so many strikes in my arsenal, that I’m really ready for whatever he tries to offer me. I think he will try to counter everything that I offer him. But take my word for it, it won’t be enough. That would be enough for him to defeat someone else, but not with me. After all, each of my blows is thrown in order to inflict specific damage on him. And if he tries to shoot back with single blows, then how is he going to block the tonnage of my shots? says Kambosos.

“I heard his father say that the more punches Kambosos throws, the worse he gets,” smiles the Australian. Do you know what I personally heard in this message? I heard: “Dude, please, just do not pour like a machine gun.” They want me to box from a distance. But I know that he will move and run a lot. And only when this tactic does not work, he will go forward. I’m ready for both Haney running away and attacking. Well prepared for both options. You will see exactly the same Kambosos who beat Tefoimo Lopez. Yes, this is the same Kambosos. They say I’m arrogant. No, I am the same as I was before.

Noted commentator Bob Sheridan suggests Haney is the favorite for the fight, but Kambosos has a puncher chance. And the contender from the USA, Ryan Garcia, is completely delighted with the “mind games” performed by the Australian.

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