Kambosos trolled both Lopez and himself


The ex-absolute lightweight champion Australian George Kambosos Jr. (20-2, 10 KOs) decided to troll the American Teofimo Lopez (18-1, 13 KOs) a little, from whom he took all the titles in November last year.

Cambosos was laughed at by Lopez’s post-match excuses. The thing is that Teofimo last weekend in New York (USA) with great difficulty passed the Spaniard Sandor Martin (40-3, 13 KOs). And after the final gong, the cameras recorded how the winner, upset by his performance, asks his father-coach: “Do you think I can still perform at the same level?”

The episode received a lot of publicity, and Lopez had to act – he explained his post-match question in the style of Kambosos. Allegedly, he did it on purpose, in order to remain at the hearing. George himself did the same thing – in October of this year, before the second fight with the American Devin Haney, he managed the weight only on the second attempt, and then began to claim that this was a planned action. And even referred to the legendary treatise The Art of War by Sun Ji.

reacted to Lopez’s excuses: “Looks like Theo just read the same chapter of The Art of War that I did. Champ, when you read to the end, you will understand one important detail – it turns out that you need to keep your plans and tricks to yourself, and not shout about them publicly. However, if they ask who else made the same joint, then I will have to raise my hand.

Recently, Kambosos was offered a fight with Stevenson. He already answered. Last month, the Australian once again recalled Lopez: “Theo can go to hell right now.”