Kambosos ‘threatened reporter’ after Haney’s defeat


Over the weekend in Australia, local undisputed lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) lost all titles to American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs), after which he activated the clause for an immediate rematch.

It is a pity that not (c) Lomachenko – a report about this event

A funny episode happened at a press conference.
Kambosos reasoned about how “his body doesn’t feel like it went through a 12-round war in the ring.” To which he received a remark from one of the media representatives: “What can not be said about your face …”

Kambosos answered the journalist: “What is wrong with him? There are only a few scratches and bruises. If you went against me in the ring, then your face would look exactly the same.

The Australian at first paid tribute to Haney, but then nevertheless hinted that he had questions for the judges: “I felt during the fight that Devin was shocked several times. I think it was a very competitive confrontation. As for me, I threw more punches and hit him more. He only got through jabs. Well, a couple more right straight lines. I don’t really feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds.”

Kambosos made a statement after the loss to Haney, and his legendary compatriot Fenech criticized the work of George’s corner in this fight.

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