Jon Jones reveals his goal in UFC heavyweight division

Jon Jones reveals his goal in UFC heavyweight division

The new contract of Jon Jones with the UFC, designed for eight fights, does not mean at all that the American fighter, who makes his debut in the heavyweight division of the organization, is going to fight all of them.

“My next goal is to beat Cyril Gan and beat Stipe Miocic,” Jones told the MMA Underground. “After that, we will discuss with the UFC what makes sense next. But I guarantee the fans at least two fights with me.”

Jones said he regrets the departure of Francis Ngannou, but admits that the fight with Stipe Miocic means more to him.

“Francis had the belt and it would have been great to take the title from him, but I think the Stipe Miocic fight means the most to me because Stipe is the greatest heavyweight of all time. But I don’t look behind Cyril Gan’s back.”

Recall that the fight for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship belt between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan will be the main event of the UFC 285 tournament, which will be held on March 4 in Las Vegas.