Johnny Walker explained his strange behavior in his fight with Magomed Ankalaev

Having given a strange response to the doctor after missing a banned knee strike from Magomed Ankalaev, Johnnie Walker seriously expected the Russian to be disqualified and his own record to be enhanced with another win.

“Why should I abide by a rule for which there is no penalty for breaking?” the Brazilian wrote on social media. “If he can commit prohibited acts to get an advantage, then next time I can do it too and get a no-contest. We can hit balls, the back of the head and spine, and even kill someone. Don’t worry – the fight will just be ruled a no-contest.”

That said, on another edition of The MMA Hour program Walker stated that he was ready to continue the fight with Ankalaev.

“The doctor asked me if I wanted to continue and I said ‘yes.’ Then he asked, ‘Where are you at?’ I didn’t want to get the answer wrong because I was excited and I wanted to answer correctly. I thought about saying ‘in Abu Dhabi’ but I ended up answering, ‘I’m in the freaking desert, bro. I’m here, and I’m totally fine. I’m in the desert, in the Middle East.'”

“I speak English well, but it’s not the doctor’s first language and he had a strong accent, although I understood what he was saying. I tried to explain myself to him and give him the right answer, but in the heat of battle my mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour. I missed a disallowed punch to the head and was raring to fight. A title shot was on the line and when I realized it was over, I was extremely disappointed”

After UFC 294, league head Dana White announced that the fight between Walker and Ankalaev would be rescheduled.