“It will be one gate.” Coach Derevyanchenko – about Usyk, Lomachenko, Golovkin


Coach of the repeated contender for the world middleweight titles (up to 72.6 kg) Ukrainian Sergey Derevyanchenko Sergei Korchinsky Jr. gave
interview for the YouTube channel “Viktor Yalymov’s Boxing Studio”.

In a conversation, the specialist expressed his opinion about the fight-trilogy of the absolute second middleweight champion (up to 76.2 kg) Mexican Canelo Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) and the unified middleweight champion (up to 72.6 kg) from Kazakhstan Gennady Golovkina (42-2-1, 37 KOs), commented on the next fight of the ex-champion in three categories Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 10 KOs), spoke about two fights of the unified champion of the heavyweight division (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Alexander Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) against ex-champion from Britain Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), and also spoke about a possible fight for the title of absolute heavyweight champion Usyk – Fury.

What do you think about Golovkin’s last fight with Canelo?

– I looked, but honestly, I would rather go to bed.

– Boring, huh?

– Well, yes. I looked, the first round began: “Well, damn it, something is not right. Well, when will he swing?” And Canelo is progressing from fight to fight with Golovkin. He sees it, he already understands it, he already knows what to do, knows what to expect. More like some kind of sparring. Gennady can already calmly end his career.

– I have another question about Lomachenko and his fight on October 29th. What can you say about his opponent?

To be honest, I have never seen this guy before.

– I’m exactly the same.

– I only found out about him because he will box with Lomachenko. I know that our left-handed guys from the audience go to him for sparring. Somewhere around here in New Jersey it’s being prepared. Absolutely nothing, honestly. The fight will be in one gate, and that’s it. Vasya is on a different level, and everyone knows this very well.

I still hope they give him that fight with Haney. I’m not sure Haney is ready for this. This is a big risk. If he beats him, then that’s it – he is, of course, a superstar, millions of dollars will flow to him. It will be very difficult to organize.

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– In the rematch between Usyk and Joshua, did you feel anxious somewhere?

— In the ninth round, yes. At first he started like everything is fine, everything is OK. Then Joshua started to aim this uppercut at the stomach, it started to work very well. What I expected from him in the first fight – that is, to hit a lot in the stomach. He actually did nothing at all in the first fight. I started to see him start aiming with that right uppercut and he came in almost from the start. He got there – and now he continued to constantly beat there, beat, beat. And somewhere he paused it. Everyone saw the ninth round, everyone knows that it is one of the most difficult rounds. Well, of course, well done Sasha. The way he moves on his feet, the way he boxes…

What did Alexander not do, what was expected of him, or was it just that Joshua was better than in the first fight?

– I dont know. It seems to me that Sasha did what needed to be done. Everything. There is no need to invent anything, go ahead, cut with Joshua. You keep boxing, you win on points. If you have the opportunity to hit, shock him, finish him off – OK. No – win by points. You won, what’s the difference? It is here in America that they are shouting that they must go out and immediately defeat everyone by knockout. If you didn’t knock out, then almost a tragedy happened.

Everyone is learning. Every entry into the ring is something new. In any case, something interesting will pop up, something new that you don’t know. Joshua could have done more, I think. Go ahead, be more aggressive, but as we all saw, Joshua doesn’t take punches well. And this is a big risk to go forward. Even when he tried, he was still a little careful not to run into. I understand that aggression is not for him. He is still a classic boxer.

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– And if Usyk still meets with Fury?

– Tough fight. I can’t even say. Definitely a tough fight. I would like to see him.

“Harder than it will be with Joshua?”

– Yes, it will be more difficult, because Tyson Fury is a very non-standard boxer. Usually Sasha is non-standard, interferes with everyone, but here a dude who can change racks is taller than you, more, and he knows how to use it all. It is also very flexible, and mobile with all this weight. He can go forward and back, with a splash. A very tough fight. How to choose these sparring partners to prepare for it? Here, as everyone spoke with Joshua – 50 to 50. But Sasha never ceases to amaze. Come out and beat Joshua, who knocked out Klitschko. In the first fight, he generally easily and calmly beat him in class. He can beat this one too, fool him, only it will be harder than everything. Definitely, it will be harder than with Joshua.