Islam Makhachev called on the UFC to punish the team of Alex Volkanovski

Islam Makhachev called on the UFC to punish the team of Alex Volkanovski

After accusations from the team of Alexander Volkanovski and an ambiguous statement by his manager, Islam Makhachev categorically denied the information that he used saline droppers before the fight against the Australian, thereby violating the anti-doping rules of the organization.

“There were no official accusations from the UFC and USADA in my direction,” Makhachev said, talking to reporters after a meeting with the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov. “These are just offended people from the Volkanovski team making some kind of accusation without any evidence”

“I think this should also be dealt with by both the organization and the Athletic Commission, and punish athletes who make accusations without any evidence. I can’t put in drips because it’s forbidden and I don’t resort to these things.”

Two days earlier, Islam Makhachev’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, stated that any UFC fighter can legally take up to three liters of saline intravenously if this procedure is carried out by a licensed medical professional, however, he soon removed this publication.

At the same time, Volkanovski’s coach, Eugene Bairman, admitted that they have no evidence of the Russian fighter’s guilt, although they consider their information to be reliable.

Recall that last weekend at UFC 284 in Perth, Islam Makhachev successfully defended the UFC lightweight championship belt, defeating Alex Volkanovski by unanimous decision after five rounds.