Is the hype justified? Azim fails to knock out Reyes


Wembley ArenaLondon, Great Britain. In the main event of the show, one of the most discussed prospects in the world is the British super lightweight (up to 63.5 kg)
Adam Azim (8-0, 6 KOs) failed to knock out the Nicaraguan
Santos Reyes (12-1, 3 KOs).

The guest hid behind a high block and slowly crushed the favorite. He moved beautifully, confusing the opponent with angles of attack, alarmed with lightning-fast attacks – mainly launched jabs and right side hooks bypassing the block.

Azim pulled the opponent onto himself and countered. In the 2nd round, after the right lateral leg of Reyes gave way, and he fell. Not without problems, he got to his feet and continued the fight.

In the 3rd three-minute period, the prospect began to load Reyes’ body. He felt a few missed blows – he did not like them. Underdog tried to think something in response. I tried to counter but couldn’t keep up with Azim’s fast hands.

In the 4th round, the Briton demonstrated a master class in timing. And his left check-hook is just space. Reyes was passive as he was too busy on the defensive. In the 5th round, he unexpectedly hit with a clean left hook. Not dangerous.

After the equator, the guest again picked up blows to the body, after which he decided that it was better to look for happiness in the attack. Yawned an uppercut. There were also many of them performed by Azim.

In the 7th round, the prospect did some work on camera – beautifully protected by the body. But then he made a serious mistake: he lifted his chin high near the rope and missed the left hook. It seems to be holding.

Azim really wanted to win ahead of schedule, he added in the decisive three-minute period. Reyes picked up blows, staggered several times, but refused to fall.

The score of the judges is expected – three times 100-89.

Azim UD 10.

As part of the show, the champion of England according to the version of the BBC in the middle weight (up to 72.6 kg)
Tyler Denny (16-2-3, 0 KOs) inflicted a debut defeat
Brad Pauls (16-1, 9 KOs).

The champion underdog offered the favorite a tight fight at close range and simply reworked it. The score of the judges: 97-93, 97-93 and 98-93 in favor of the champion. To be honest, Denny could well have given all the rounds.

Danny UD 10.

In the super middleweight limit (up to 76.2 kg), the local middle peasant
Zach Celli (13-1-1, 6 KOs) upset the once considered promising American Anthony Sims Jr. (23-2, 20 KOs).

The favorite was preparing attacks for a long time, which the underdog constantly used – he worked ahead of the curve with sweeping sidelines (or overhands), falling head first, jabbed well and clinched a lot. Even though the fight was unwatchable because of Chelli, it is tactically a very solid victory.

The score of the judges: 98-92, 98-92 and 99-92 in favor of the Briton.

Chelly UD 10.