In the animal world. Coach Confident Franklin Will Knock White Out


Tomorrow in London (England), local heavyweight ex-challenger Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs) will try to deprive American Jermaine Franklin (21-0, 14 KOs) of zero in the defeat column.

Dillian Whyte – Jermaine Franklin: forecast and bets for the fight on November 26

At yesterday’s press conference, White broke down: he cursed, threatened to “fuck off a pensioner” – Franklin’s coach Jesse Addison. He actually didn’t say anything of the kind – he was noted only by a beautiful
we speak in the spirit of Deontay Wilder: “We definitely need a knockout. After all, only he guarantees victory in an away match. White is a wounded lion who roams the jungle. And when healthy lions see the wounded, they rush to finish him off as quickly as possible. Yes, Franklin is a young and healthy lion.”

Addison urges the protégé to “take the judges out of the equation with a knockout. Let Jermain’s fists be the judges. White is now trying to outshout me, he is mumbling something, but after the fight he won’t even be able to mumble. Let’s see if you can get your butt off the canvas. You are already completely punched, and three times. My fighter is still a road warrior. He is not afraid to accept challenges, goes to the lair of the enemy. And now he does it again. He will destroy White in front of his fans and family. In general, nothing new. We’ve been through this before.”

Show promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing) quite reasonably noted that for Franklin this is a solid increase in the level of opposition. The answer of the trainer-talker: “What are you trying to intimidate us with? Big stage? Yes, we are the big stage. I don’t understand why Eddie thought Dillian was an elite level fighter. He cares about the elite – like crustaceans to Kyiv. He is not an elite. And I’ve never been elite.”

Have you already watched yesterday’s duel of views? White almost grappled on edge with Franklin’s team – video. And we also have an entertaining prediction for this fight from Tyson Fury: “He’s a lazybones.”