“I’m addicted.” Fury named the drug he can’t refuse


WBC heavyweight title holder Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) knows why he has not yet been able to retire, despite the fact that he has already announced several times his decision to hang up his gloves on a nail.

According to Fury, he is experiencing a strong addiction to boxing and understands that he is unable to overcome it.

“My relationship with boxing? Oh, now they are experiencing their heyday, Tyson assured. “I’m back, I’m hungry, I’m working hard in training. Once upon a time, George Foreman, along with other boxers, said that it was very difficult to get up for a run at 5 in the morning when you were wearing Versace slippers and silk pajamas. So I have a different opinion. My attitude is that it’s easier for me to run down the road knowing that I’m financially secure and have already done everything I needed to do. Now it’s more of a hobby for me than a business or sport. This is my hobby and what I love to do.”

“I have been in love with boxing for a very long time, ever since I was just a kid, and now I am 34 years old and I may be a few years from the end of my career. These relationships were full of both love and hate, at times they were toxic and poisonous. But when everything is good, everything is very good.”

“Many times I wanted to end boxing, but I always pull back. It’s like a hard drug. Like an addiction. I know that, and yes, I am an addict. This is not my best friend, this is an addiction … Boxing causes baboutmore addictive than any other drug. Because you can’t refuse it anymore.

Recall that tomorrow Fury will defend his title in the third fight against compatriot Derek Chisora.

It turns out that Klitschko wanted to call Fury for a rematch in the spring. But he waved his hand.

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