“I don’t break windows.” Oleksandr Usyk – about depression


WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight champion Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) shortly after returning to Ukraine from a long foreign “business trip”, the climax of which was a victorious rematch with Briton Anthony Joshua on August 20 in Saudi Arabia, gave
press conference in Kyiv.

At the event, Alexander was asked if he had depression, and if so, how he struggled with them.

“Depression, I think that’s the word… It’s been made very popular. When something doesn’t happen the way you want, people immediately: “That’s it, I have depression.”

I didn’t have depression. When I just went abroad and started setting up my (training) camp, I had a little bit in my head and inside there was such excitement, misunderstanding. You leave home when bombs are flying around here, you arrive in another city in Europe – everything is calm there, people are walking, they are in their own country, everything is fine with them. And you’re like, “Damn…” Some things change in your head that you might not have paid attention to when there were no hostilities. Or something else.

I just walked in silence for two or three days. Look, people are walking, smiling. And you think: “Damn, I wish I could bring that smile back home…”

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Then, when you do not see the children for a long time, when they are not near you, something is missing. Children for me are a very big force that pushes me to go forward. My family, my wife. And when I see that they are also tired, the children – I see from communication – “we want to see you when you already arrive.” Also communication with Ekaterina, she says: “Badge, how tired everything is, I want to go home.” Just go home, go home, go home…

And so that I say that I have some kind of depression … I don’t break windows, I don’t throw bottles. I sing songs, I write poetry when it’s hard for me internally.

When it is very hard for me, I communicate more with God. In general, I communicate with him very often, but I just talk to him. If you look at me from the side, you might think that someone is sitting opposite me whom you don’t see, but I see him – this is how I communicate with him. I pray and it helps me a lot.

It seems to me that I don’t have depression, thank God, ”Usyk replied.

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