“I can’t explain why…” Mikey Garcia chose the favorite in the fight Spence-Crawford


Former world champion in four categories, Mikey Garcia, who has already completed his career, shared his opinion about a possible fight between the current welterweight champions (up to 66.7 kg) Americans Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs). ).

Recall that in March 2019, Mikey boxed against Errol when he tried to conquer the fifth division, and lost by a crushing decision.

“I think it will be a tough fight with an equal chance of success,” says Garcia. “If I had to choose a side as of today, I would be leaning in favor of Crawford. I guess he’s not much, but he’s better able to adapt (as the fight progresses). Spence is very good at picking up the distance, he can control it with small short movements. It’s kind of hard to make a choice, but I think it’s probably Crawford (to take over).”

“They’re both top notch, they each have power,” Mikey continues. “But both Crawford and Spence are too smart to be knocked out. I think it will be a very technical fight. Well, in favor of Crawford, I tend purely instinctively, perhaps. This is one case where I can’t explain why. A very close fight.”

Crawford ran into Spence recently. You have never seen him so angry.


Source: https://vringe.com/news/160168-mayki-garsiya-vybral-favorita-v-boyu-spens-krouford.htm?rand=141343