How to live on? The battle of Charr-Brown is broken – the reason will amuse you


This Saturday in the arena Motospace Dubai Investment Park in Dubai (UAE) a duel in the heavyweight limit was to be held between age ex-WBA World title holders Syrian Manuel Charr (33-4, 19 KOs) and Australian Lucas Brown (31-3, 27 KOs). But things didn’t go according to plan.

Sports Commission of the Middle East Professional Boxing (MERV) banned the show, and the organizer of the event – the promotion company Iconic Promotions Dubai – and completely banned from now on to engage in boxing promotion in the region.

AT MERV They explained their decision very simply: a huge number of complaints about the organizer, the arena has not yet been booked, there is no permission to hold the evening. The organizers did not take care of the safety of spectators and boxers – neither security nor medical commission.

The veterans hoped to hit a solid jackpot in a face-to-face fight, but they trusted an almost unknown promotional company that has no experience in holding such large events.

Contact the bosses Iconic failed – they “lay low”, do not answer calls. MERV the promoter’s license had to be revoked, and Brown and Charr now dream that someone else will be promoting their head-to-head fight.

In October, Charr even hoped to get a fight for the WBC title with Tyson Fury and even recorded a moderately epic video: “The lion is hungry.” The ex-world champion was shocked when he found out about this: Why on earth is Fury even allowed to fight Charr?

In June, the long-deleted Brown created a huge sensation: he knocked out the Olympian Fa – there is a video. He was supposed to box for the title in Britain, but the local BBBoC went into a frenzy: Brown was not allowed to fight.