Heavyweight night: Ajagba inflicts debut defeat on Shaw


Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY, USA. In the main event of the show, heavyweights (over 90.7 kg) met. A native of Nigeria, Efe Ajagba (17-1, 13 KOs) inflicted a debut defeat on the American Stephen Shaw (18-1, 13 KOs).

Starting rounds per Show. He is faster and more effective in the jabs battle (Ajagba just works on the block), he was noted for a couple of combinations. The Nigerian is traditionally hard hitting in series. But he throws a lot, due to which the appearance of a competitive battle is maintained.

Ajagba realized that he would not succeed in outboxing Shaw. He presses a little more aggressively, jabbing to the body in an attempt to slow down the maneuverable opponent, brought the overhand to the target and leveled the course of the fight. The American tried to seize the initiative, but still gave the center of the ring to the knockout. So far, at the discretion of the judges: the show is more effective, Ajagba is more active.

The 6th round is clearly for the Nigerian. The American gave up the initiative in vain. He is less and less trying to counter Ajagba’s jab, more and more often misses heavy blows, footwork and jab have disappeared, so he is no longer able to control the distance and constantly rubs his back against the ropes of the ring.

Shaw tried to seize the initiative in the 8th round, but he is too afraid of the opponent’s punching power. However, both are very cautious, which the fans do not like much – they buzz with displeasure, boo the fighters. The American started the fight well, but then limply lost. The heavyweights didn’t impress today. But this fight turned out to be a feast for the eyes.

The score of the judges: three times 96-94 in favor of the Nigerian.

Ajagba UD 10.