Harrison compared himself to Haney and Crawford, and Tszyu to Charlo and Heard


Former world champion American Tony Harrison (29-3-1, 21 KOs) is an interesting and bright personality. This is not only a talented and unrealistically technical boxer. He is also very good at trash talk and the ability to spin the fight.

Harrison is already in Australia. Preparing for a fight for the vacant interim WBO title in 69.9 kg with local top contender Tim Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) – they will fight on March 12 in Sydney.

The underdog does not consider the favorite to be a special fighter. From
interview Harrison: “Is he an ordinary “basic” fighter? “Basic” in the sense that it doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out. He has one tactic to fight. Full speed ahead and pressure, pressure, a little more pressure. He doesn’t throw more punches than me. He can’t take any more plop than I can. He can’t hit harder than me. There is absolutely nothing there. No hint of elite level. Does he disagree with this? No problem. But what’s the point of talking about it? You have to prove it in the ring.”

Harrison is surprised by “fans who pay tribute to his punching power. He went all the way with Terrell Gaucher. And most of the time he just sat at the block. No, I’m not saying the guy doesn’t have a punch. I’m not saying that he has nothing to offer in this aspect. I say that you are overreacting. Is he stronger than the others? No. Does he hit harder than Jermell Charlo? Nifiga. Does he hit harder than Jarrett Heard? Absolutely not”.

The American suggests “slowly stop chattering. I didn’t swim across the ocean to talk. He won’t offer me anything new. He is as dangerous as his previous opponents were. Rigidity, hardness of character, high density, temp. He will do all the same things that all previous rivals tried to break me. And for me, this is a chance to return to the positions that I should occupy by right. There’s a bittersweet thing about doing it the way Devin Haney or Terence Crawford did (win away). So Harrison is next on the list.”

The ex-champ is going to “enjoy this moment. I soak up all this atmosphere. I’m tearing f * ny in the hall. I’m not going to leave any unclosed questions on the results of the fight. It is necessary to fight in such a way that not a single “i” remains without a dot and not a single “i” without a brief.

Earlier, Tony stated that “The world will consider Tszyu a fraud.” The middleweight from Australia puts on an underdog: Tszyu does not prophesy anything good with Harrison. At the press conference, Tony rushed to hug Tim, but he countered – funny video.