Fury needs to borrow some courage from Joshua – Coach Usyk


The current holders of all heavyweight belts Briton Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) still cannot agree on a face-to-face fight in which the first absolute heavyweight in the era of four belts would be determined division.

The British side is sure that everything is because of Usyk. And the coach of the Ukrainian Sergey Lapin, of course, thinks differently: “So, what do we have? Great Fury, this 206-cm giant who tells the whole world that he is not afraid of anyone, is doing everything possible to disrupt the fight with Usyk. He calls Alexander “rabbit” and “middleweight”. And what is Usyk’s answer? And he is ready. He wants to prove in practice that he is the strongest heavyweight in the world. Why hasn’t the contract been signed yet? What is the reason? Fury suddenly lost all his courage? Or just can’t find his pen?”

Lapin suggests that Fury “borrow courage from compatriot Anthony Joshua, who has fought Usyk twice. In the meantime, everything goes to the fact that we will not see this fight. So far, there is a better chance that Fury will fight Derek Chisora ​​for the fourth time. Don’t you think that a lot of time has already passed since their third fight? So why don’t we have a fight offer yet? Where is the promised contract? Apparently, Fury doesn’t want this fight to happen. It seems to me that “Puzan” considers the fight with Usyk too risky and is trying to disrupt it at any cost.”

Previously, it was assumed that this fight will take place in Saudi Arabia. Why didn’t it work out? Chisora ​​has the answer. And you can also listen to the version of the local side: “Everything just slowed down.”

It’s funny that British boxing observers are on the side of the Ukrainian: why won’t Saudi Arabia accept the Usyk-Fury fight and did they really refuse it because of Joshua?