Froch was given a list of fighters. He got to one name – and the veteran got a kick


Former world super middleweight champion Carl Froch was given a list of boxers to comment on his ex-rival George Groves’ podcast. As soon as the veteran reached the name “Jake Paul” on the list, the bar dropped.

Jake Paul is a clown. Damn idiot. Poseur. He’s not even a fighter. It shouldn’t be on this list at all. You dishonored them this list. It’s disgusting that you even included him here, ”Karl broke up.

Despite being 45 years old and having not boxed since 2014, Froch has repeatedly called for a fight with vlogger Paul. Obviously, crazy money. The former champion even suggested that he could easily fight Paul’s brother, Logan, in one evening.

“If I could have one last fight, it would be Jake Paul,” said the Brit. “I would just blow it to shreds. He does not know how to fight, he is a pretender and deceives people. Yes, it has its own audience. No, I don’t envy him making money. Does what it does. But he is not a professional boxer! And he knows not to approach me.”

Logan Paul has found his calling. See what creates

Froch continued: “He’s bigger than me, younger, fresher, thinks he can fight. I wouldn’t even train for this guy. Well, I would run a couple of crosses.

But another champion, the current one, sparred with Paul – and is impressed. While Carl wants free money, Jake is given another challenge.

In February, the YouTuber-boxer may still meet with British light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury. He has already told how many rounds he will deal with Paul.