Frazier and Vitali Klitschko? Joe Joyce – for Michelangelo and Botticelli


The owner of an incredible handle Joe Joyce (15-0, 14 KOs) bows not to Joe Frazier or Vitali Klitschko, but to famous Italian artists. According to him, his interest in fine arts arose at school, where he began to study photorealism (working with pictures, when they try to bring the drawing as close as possible to the details of the photo).

His father introduced him to oil painting, and his mother was fond of pottery.

“I started with Chuck Close. Spiritual Paintings by Alex Gray; symbolism, said
talkSPORT Olympic silver medalist. — Michelangelo, Botticelli. There are really very detailed paintings that were just huge. I used to enjoy walking and looking at them and appreciating their magnificence. Sometimes you look at the picture for two seconds, and the eye clings to some: “Come on, come on, this is interesting.” You come closer and look at all the marks, strokes and expression. It’s like movie plots; ideas or symbols that make you think.”

Joyce, who was not yet a boxer, graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in fine arts.

According to Joe, to paint a picture is not to walk in the park: “Everything is quite physical when I paint. I usually stand. Brush strokes and all. I really focus on what I draw. You get lost in what you’re doing and you get caught up in the flow because you’re listening to music or whatever.”

“Usyk’s punches are like slaps.” Joyce on Alexander and his fight with Fury

Heavyweight says he mostly paints in his spare time, and if there’s a commission that “ignites” his interest, that’s even better.

“I’m trying to get a studio so I can do a few more things, maybe put them up for sale or put on an exhibition,” Joe said. “I want to keep my skills until I have time to create again. In the camp it’s hard, there you need to focus on one thing. If you spread yourself too thin, then you will not put the right amount of energy into both activities, and both will be inferior. ”

On April 15 in London (England), the Briton will fight with the Chinese big man Zhang Zhilei. Joe says about this fight: “He can hit and check my chin.” And the Chinese is looking forward to an “explosive and epic” battle.