Francis Ngannou has spoken out on Dana White after his fight with Tyson Fury

The head of the UFC, Dana White, continues to blatantly ignore the boxing match between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury that nearly ended in sensational fashion, and the former UFC champion would like to hear the former boss’ opinion on his performance.

“Dana White feels what Dana White feels,” the Cameroonian said in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “I think you should send him an invitation and ask him about it. I would like to know that too. Dana is Dana – he’s been putting sticks in my wheels, but most of the time what he says doesn’t mean anything. Like what he says about the easier opponents I want. Tyson Fury is one of them, right? Who knows, maybe he was right.”

“Dana has power over a lot of fighters and most of them do everything to please the boss. Most of them don’t have their own personality, individuality, so they want to be part of something and you can’t blame them for that. It’s expensive and it takes a lot of time to stand up and say what you think, so it’s easier for some to accept being a puppet. That’s fine, but I can’t be someone’s puppet. I’m too big for that, and I’m proud of that.”

Last weekend Francis Ngannou gave a competitive fight to Tyson Fury, not only going the full distance with the reigning world boxing champion, but also knocking him down in the third round. As a result, the judges gave the victory to the “Gypsy King” by split decision, but the crowd in Riyadh met this verdict with an unhappy roar.