Former UFC fighter and commentator Dan Hardy explains why Gan will beat Ngannou

Former UFC fighter and commentator Dan Hardy broke down the fight between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gun. The analyst explained why he has no doubts about Gan’s victory over Ngannou.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyril Gun wins early but in the later rounds,” Hardy told Submission Radio. “I think the first 90 seconds of this fight is like a coin toss. In the first 90 seconds, there is a high chance that Francis will be able to score a knockout, but after this threshold, the thicket of the scales will tilt towards Cyril. I think that Gan is sober in assessing the power of Francis, so the first few seconds will try to stay away from him.

“Francis gets tired in the late rounds. That’s when Cyril will start putting pressure on him. I think his elbow strikes will play a key role in this fight, as well as his jumping knee we saw against [Александра] Volkova… I think he will feel confident to take this risk when Francis starts to get tired. It is likely that he will win by TKO in the fourth round or by rear naked choke, with Francis kneeling against the cage looking exhausted and a little mentally broken.”

Ngannou and Gan will fight in the main event of the UFC 270 tournament, which will be held on the night of January 23 in Anaheim. Ngannou (16 wins, 3 losses) is the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion and former sparring partner of Cyril Gan (10 wins, 0 losses).