Former Glory champion Cedric Dumbe made his PFL league debut by knockout

Former Glory welterweight champion Cedric Doumbe, who has been competing in mixed martial arts since 2021, made a successful debut in the PFL league with a striking victory over his French compatriot Jordan Zebo.

The bout, which headlined the PFL Europe 3 tournament in Paris, ended as early as the ninth second after Dumbe responded to his opponent’s high kick with a side kick to the left before finishing off his shocked opponent in the doubles.

By defeating Jordan Zebo, 31-year-old Cedric Dumbe earned his fifth straight knockout victory and maintained a zero in the loss column.

It should be noted that last year the Frenchman was supposed to make his debut in the world’s strongest league at the tournament in Paris, however, the organization decided to terminate his contract after a medical examination revealed the presence of blood clots in his brain.

Dumbe, who calls the UFC medical board’s verdict flawed, then fought two more professional bouts under the MMAGP banner before signing with the PFL league.