Fighter Yandiev: “I do not agree with White’s statement. Khabib must be on the list of the best!”

Russian MMA fighter Adam Yandiev, in a conversation with SE, reacted to the absence of ex-UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in the top three fighters in the history of the league, according to the head of the absolute fighting championship, Dana White.

“I completely disagree with Dana’s statement. Khabib is the most legendary fighter in UFC history. For us, he will always be the greatest, let them say whatever they want. Our Russian fighters are the strongest in spirit, it has always been so. In my opinion, this list should be: Nurmagomedov, Emelianenko, Jones. Everyone has their own opinion, let them say what they want about Khabib. I believe that this fighter must be on the list of the best!” Yandiev told SE.

Khabib Nurmagomedov started competing in the UFC in 2012. The Russian fighter ended his sports career after defeating the American Dustin Gaethje in the UFC 254 tournament. At that time, Nurmagomedov’s performance statistics were 29-0.