Fed up with eggs! A boxer caught doping will be acquitted. Spence is shocked


In October last year, a scandal erupted. British welterweight Conor Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) failed two consecutive doping tests ahead of his PPV fight with compatriot Chris Eubank Jr. (32-3, 23 KOs). Traces were found in the boxer’s body clomiphene – a drug that is prescribed for infertility.

The most embarrassing moment of this story is the intention of the promoters and the athletic commission to carry out the fight, despite the results. They were notified of the boxer’s positive test on September 13, but they did not even think about canceling the event. Everything changed in early October, when the news hit the media.

Only then British Boxing Council (BBBC) categorically insisted on the cancellation of the fight. In WBC, BBC and UKAD (British Anti-Doping Agency) decided to conduct their own investigations. And the boxer’s team provided a 270-page document, which should (in their opinion) prove the innocence of the athlete. In short, they believe that Benn simply “overdid it” with eggs – all this is the result of excessive consumption of the product.

The WBC temporarily excluded the boxer from the ratings. But there were rumors that it would be returned this month – the story with the eggs seemed to satisfy the organization. But VVVOS and UKAD they are still investigating and are very dissatisfied with the actions of the boxer’s team – they allegedly have no feedback from them, they were not even provided with the same 270-page document. This means that Benn may not be allowed to fight in the UK.

Meanwhile, the welterweight leader and current WBC (and also WBA Super and IBF) American Errol Spence reacted to the situation: “Will Benn be returned to the ratings after he failed a doping test twice? What does it mean?”

It was previously rumored that Conor Benn faces a 4-year ban for doping. Boxer is “shocked”. Says he’s “clean”. Argues in the style: “Do I look like an idiot?”

A new twist in the Benn case began earlier this year. The promoter of the fighter Eddie Hearn began to threaten the WBC: “If you remain silent, we will make our move!” A little later they struck back.