Emelianenko made a statement after losing to blogger Kovalenko

Emelianenko made a statement after losing to blogger Kovalenko

The well-known heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko, who lost a split decision to blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko in an unprofessional duel according to MMA rules, summed up the match, calling the referee’s verdict biased, and the opponent’s victory undeserved.

“Kovalenko did a good job – he gave a good worthy fight,” said Emelianenko. “But I didn’t expect the judges to give him the win. In principle, I have faced arbitrage in this life … Not only me – you can even take fighters from other versions. Ankalaeva, Petr Yana – they also faced the wrong biased refereeing. The same thing happened to me towards the end of the year. I believe that Kovalenko was given the victory undeservedly “

“A couple of times he hit well, well done, but in principle, everything that I expected from him, he did. He also ran away from me around the ring, periodically stopped and threw sweeping heavy blows. I was not tired, I was ready to fight again, and Kovalenko was breathing.”

Emelianenko also made it clear that he was counting on a rematch, which he informed his opponent, who came into the locker room to thank him for the fight.

“Run on – get ready for revenge!” Said the heavyweight.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30288-emelyanenko-sdelal-zayavlenie-posle-porazheniya-ot-blogera-kovalenko.html?rand=19907