Elvis beat Adorno, Abdukakhorov’s second defeat in a row


Armory, Minneapolis, USA. Dominican super lightweight (up to 63.5 kg) Elvis Rodriguez (14-1-1, 12 KOs) broke a long pause (almost a year without fights) and beat the American Joseph Adorno (17-2-2, 14 KOs).

The fight began at a leisurely pace. There was a sluggish tactical shootout with jabs. According to statistics, in the opening round for two, only one accurate blow took place. There is nothing surprising in this. A risky move from matchmakers is to bring two pronounced counter-punchers together in a face-to-face fight. These fights get boring at times.

Ward iconic Freddie Roach Rodriguez tried to act more actively. The first exchanges have begun. Adorno is more accurate and efficient – he moves well. Elvis constantly repeats himself in attacks, starts with a jab. The opponent has been ready for this for a long time.

.@_blessedhands finding his range in round 3.#RodriguezAdorno #MatiaPonce pic.twitter.com/OqBID7SpA1

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) February 26, 2023

In the 6th round, after hitting Adorno, Rodriguez fell onto the ropes. The referee decided not to open the score. A controversial decision. Commentators on Showtime are in favor of the Dominican. It’s also very controversial.

But in the 7th three-minute period Adorno had already been on the floor. Missed a right hook from Rodriguez. The referee slightly missed the episode, allowed the Dominican to deliver several blows to the American when he had already taken a knee in the corner.

.@elvisTDK catches Adorno clean in round 7 with a power right hook to send him to the mat #RodriguezAdorno #MatiaPonce pic.twitter.com/FNw42M0Yp0

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) February 26, 2023

Rodriguez caught the rhythm (explodes with lightning combinations), felt the distance. Again he shook his opponent with a right hook, but this time he failed to finish, allowing him to recover.

The right hooks of @elvisTDK #RodriguezAdorno #MatiaPonce pic.twitter.com/NSeYTzzsZN

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) February 26, 2023

It seems that Adorno will no longer be able to seize the initiative. He misses a lot more often, still can’t get away from these unpleasant right hooks. And in the opposite corner, Roach demands an early victory from the ward.

A few seconds before the final gong, the referee recorded another knockdown in favor of Rodriguez. Arguably, because he clearly slipped in the corner of the ring. In any case, he failed the second half of the battle – he could not see a victory.

The score of the judges: 94-94, 95-93 and 97-91 in favor of the favorite.

Rodriguez MD 10.

In the welterweight limit (up to 66.7 kg), the Uzbek Kudratillo Abdukakhorov (18-2, 10 KOs) suffered a second defeat in a row – he sensationally lost to the local middle peasant
to Vishon Owens (14-3, 12 KOs).

The fight turned out to be competitive, but with a slight underdog advantage – it looked better at the start of the fight and in the decisive rounds.

.@KAbdukakhorov is starting to find his rhythm #MatiaPonce prelims: https://t.co/RC0xwf3Tfv pic.twitter.com/kXbg1FIWK5

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) February 26, 2023

Owens won in the case, but the judges spoiled the aftertaste of his performance with a too “home” decision – 97-93, 98-92 and even 99-91.

Owens UD 10.