Eddie Hearn beat his father. And he is happy


Founder Matchroom Boxing Barry Hearn opened up and talked about how he instilled in his son Eddie a love of sports.

words Barry, it wasn’t difficult – they were always rivals: “We used to play cricket a lot. And I didn’t give in to him. Despite the fact that at one time I was cool in bowling, he beat me in this sport, although he was still a very green youth. And then I decided that if I want to make a real man out of him, who should fully feel the spirit of the sport, then something more is needed. When he was still a schoolboy, I took him to the gym. To be honest, I assumed that we would just spar – 3 rounds of 3 minutes. But in the 2nd three-minute period he dropped me twice. So the 3rd round never happened.”

“The funny thing about this story is that we left the hall with mixed feelings. I was very pleased, because on that day I learned a lot about my son. And Eddie was disappointed. No, not because he beat me. He was disappointed that the 3rd round never took place, ”recalls Hearn-father with a smile on his face.

The other day founder Matchroom Boxing talked about who is the leader of the heavyweight. It turned out so-so: “Obviously, Fury is No. 1 in the world. And Usyk is No. 1 in the world.”

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