Didn’t think Haney would deal with Kambosos so easily – Mayweather


Over the weekend in Australia, American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) took all the lightweight titles from local champion George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs), leading the division rating.

Jeff Mayweather is delighted from the performance of a compatriot, as he knows Haney firsthand: “I think he won almost every round. Perhaps I won’t give Kambosos more than one three minutes. And I do not hide that I am surprised at such an easy victory for Haney. It is clear that I was rooting for the boy. Especially since I worked with him when he was still a child. But I did not think that the fight would be so uncompetitive. So I take my hat off to Devin. And I was amused, as he said after the fight: “Now try to lead me astray.”

It turns out that Jeff doubted Devin’s victory, and he remembered it: “He told me to this:” Dude, you were supposed to inspire me, and not that’s all … “And I immediately felt like a f** movo. I’m not that against him. I just thought he wasn’t ready yet. It is for this reason that his words touched me. Dude, I’m not against you. I just screwed up the forecast. And now I’ll take it like a man. I should have said otherwise. Or he should not have taken his opinion to the public. After all, it could be said that he would lose because of the circumstances, and not for the reason that he was not good enough.

Mayweather believes that now Haney’s career will go in a different direction: “He has all the titles. He is king. Now he does not need to run after someone there. Now everyone will start running after him. Chances of Kambosos in a rematch? (thinking) He needs to do a lot better if he really wants to win. How is it that you fight on your own territory. There are 60,000 fans behind you. If you can’t win by that much advantage then what are we even talking about? Apologize to Devin? I just miscalculated. I’ve never been against him, so there’s no reason for me to justify myself.”

Meanwhile, Kambosos already knows how to defeat Haney on the second try. And Devin’s father-coach answers this with a smile: “If the kid meets George 10 times, he will win 10 times.”

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