Conwell outbid Abreu in a chic mahach


Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California, USA. The American prospect of the first middleweight (up to 69.9 kg) Charles Conwell (18-0, 13 KOs) interrupted the seasoned veteran from the Dominican Republic Juan Carlos Abreu (25-7-1, 23 KOs), who sensationally prematurely shortened Kazakhstani Tursynbay last year Kulakhmet.

Funny start to the fight. Abreu was released into the ring without a cap…

Underdog started the fight great. He moved well, boxed collectedly. He jabbed a lot, was ready to counter an aggressor opponent, relied on the advantage in anthropometry – it was very difficult for Conwell to get closer to his opponent.

Wow! The favorite has an unpleasant cut near the left eye. Conwell has no time to build up. He solidly increased the density and pace of the fight, imposed a power confrontation at close range, shocked Abreu with a left hook. The American famously punched through the body, he has interesting top blows (Golovkin sometimes throws something similar), he quickly makes decisions.

Really cool avenue. Gorgeous work on the floors, it cuts the corners of the ring well, the blows fly from above, then from below. Potentially one of the strongest current infighters in the world. Abreu tried everything (different distances, the first number and from the opponent), but by the 4th round he was forced to survive in the ring – clinches went, attempts to play for time.

The Dominican is forced to resort to another option. He is simply trying to rework the opponent. There are successes (another cut from Conwell), but in the 6th round the left counterhook yawned and could hardly stay on his feet. Abreu looked good in the 7th round, but he blundered the left hook on the body and had to clinch. Conwell missed the point.

Almost the same thing happened in the 8th three-minute period. Abreu hobbled very hard to his corner, but on moral and strong-willed he reached the gong. Very cool gatekeeper. Only Jaron Ennis managed to knock out the Dominican…

Judges score: 95-95, 98-92 and 96-94. Wow! What nonsense…

Conwell MD 10.