Coach Gan: ‘Cyril’s chances to win with Ngannou won’t go down if I’m not in his corner’

Coach Cyril Gan and Francis Ngannou’s former coach Fernand Lopez told YouTube channel “La Sueur” that his fighter could easily do without a head coach in his corner during the title fight at UFC 270.

– Do I understand correctly that you are the main weapon of Cyril Gan in the battle against Ngannu?

– Not. I speak with all sincerity and without false modesty. The role of a coach is essential in preparing for a fight. Without a good coach in training, a fighter feels like a pilot of an airplane that flies by eye. Without dispatcher, route and airfield locator. But if we take the fight itself, I’m sure: even if Cyril’s fight takes place tomorrow and our other coach will be in his corner Benjamin Sarfati, his chances of winning will be the same as with me. The most important part is preparation. With the form that Cyril already has, his chances of winning will not change in any way whether I am in his corner or not. Because we have already prepared something with him for the opponent. Cyril has a plan and knows what needs to be done to win. My absence will not diminish his chances in any way.

Ngannou and Gan will face off on January 22 in the main event of UFC 270 in Anaheim.