Chisora ​​said that he thinks about the go-ahead of the referee in the fight with Fury


Seconds before the end of the 10th round, referee Victor Laughlin stopped the beating of veteran Derek Chisora ​​by WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The loser fully agrees with the decision of the third in the ring.

The veteran admitted that somewhere from the 3rd round he began to feel that everything was becoming very unpleasant.

“I prepared well, went out to fight. And lost… The referee said [перед этим раундом]: “If you do nothing, I will stop the fight.” And the referee was right. I still did almost nothing. He was right. You must return home to the children,” Chisora ​​said.

According to him, as a fighter, no one wants the fight to be stopped, “because that’s how we are brought up: we want to fight, fight and fight, at least 15 rounds.”

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“That’s what the referee is in the ring for. To follow the course of the fight and at the right time to say: no, things are not going well, it’s time to stop, ”summed up Derek.

When asked if it was comfortable and reckless to fight today, Chisora ​​replied: “Yes, it was fun. I like it”.

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