Chisora ​​commented on Joshua’s incident with students: “I would have done things differently”


At the end of June, the ex-two-time British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) had a sudden conflict with students Oxford Universitywhich almost ended in a brawl – the boxer scared the youth well.

The incident was assessed differently in Britain. The boxer’s fans praised the pet for iron restraint and for teaching the insolent a vital lesson, and critics believe that the fighter has finally shown his true face.

Popular British heavyweight slugger Derek Chisora ​​(32-12, 23 KOs)
reacted funny to the incident: “How would I react to this? Oooooh! Not exactly like Joshua. They saw that he even took off his shoes when he came to their house. Of course, I wouldn’t even think of taking off my shoes. I would blow it all to smithereens. And then I would also rob them (laughs). No no. Jokes are bad with me.”

“It always amused me how people react to Joshua. But then they are people. You can’t please everyone. Sometimes they say, “Dude, you’re too polite. Stop playing Mister Nice Guy.” And after such an incident, they start yelling: “Yeah! So that’s what you really are!” Chisora ​​smiles.

July 9 in London (England) he has a rematch with the former challenger from Bulgaria Kubrat Pulev. In 2016, he lost to him by a split decision, but there the judges tried very hard to make it look like a competitive confrontation.

On the eve of the revenge, the Briton admitted: “The stands begin to sing – my bar is falling.” In response, Pulev called Derek “his usual Chisora.” He wants another fight for the title. The big guys had their first duel on the eve of revenge. Earlier it became known that Madrimov and Soro will have a rematch on the undercard of this fight.

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