Bivol: “If a fighter thinks only about the fee, he is doomed”


Russian WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) in an exclusive interview for
SI shared his opinion about the correct motivation of a boxer.

The fighter is sure that “if you are motivated only by money, then you are doomed – in the end you will not achieve anything. This is stupid. You need to love your work. And strive for excellence. For example, if you’re an actor, it’s okay to dream about an Oscar. Do not think only about how to earn even more. You need to understand that when you win an Oscar, money will come along with it. But at this stage they should be secondary. The same is true in boxing. When you win many titles, then the money will come to you.”

Bivol believes that this is the secret of his success: “I am not one of those who think only about earnings. I don’t work just for the money. I’m not a Wall Street broker. Let them think only about money. I am an athlete, an athlete. Maybe it sounds stupid or naive for someone, but my dream is not about fees, but about collecting all the titles.

To collect all the division titles, Bivol needs a fight with the holder of all other belts, compatriot Artur Beterbiev. The other day Dmitry said: “I know that he also wants to fight me.” It is possible that at first Bivol will have to give revenge to the Mexican Saul Alvarez: “But I don’t want to depend on his decision.”