Another fighter breaks into the lightweight elite: Callie beat Flores – video


Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, UK. Irish Top Lightweight Prospect (up to 63.5 kg) Gary Callie (16-0, 10 KOs) won the vacant belt WBA InterContinental in opposition to
Wilfredo Flores (10-1-1, 5 KOs) from Puerto Rico.

The lanky southpaw Callie confidently smashed his opponent from a distance with lightning-fast series. Especially leaned on the left side. Flores practically did not snarl in response – he could not find either the distance or the pace.

In the 2nd round, Callie sent the opponent into a heavy knockdown. With great difficulty, he got to his feet, with difficulty maintaining an upright position. And for some reason the referee allowed the Puerto Rican to continue. Fortunately, it worked out. Seconds later, the third in the ring intervened and saved him from finishing off.


Another blistering performance from @BoxerCully to get the win in the second #WoodLara

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 18, 2023

Callie TKO 2.

So far, he’s impressive.

In the cruiserweight limit (up to 90.7 kg), the representative of Britain at the Olympics 2020 Chivon Clark (5-0, 4 KOs) dropped, confidently beat the Panamanian gatekeeper
Israel Duffus (20-8, 17 KOs), who previously played in a lower division.

The underdog confused the favorite with unconventional boxing, frequent changes of stances and ridiculous chaotic movements. The Briton kept an eye on the opponent, but when he increased the pace and density of the battle, Duffus practically fell down. Clark for some reason took his foot off the gas pedal and continued to work as number two. The underdog was amused by funny sweeping swings. One of these blows even hit the Briton.

Every time the Olympian turned on more actively, Duffus had to survive. But since this was the first 10-round fight for Clark (he had never gone through more than 4 three-minute fights before), he was cautious and did not force things. With the second number, he countered the opponent well with a right hook (when he stagnated in the left-handed stance), worked out uppercuts in infighting.

That @C4CHEV power #WoodLara

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 18, 2023

In the 5th round, Clark shocked the opponent with a right hook, but the gong saved him from problems. And in the first seconds of the next three-minute period, the favorite dropped his opponent – he ridiculously put himself under the right hook. Until the end of the round, Duffus counted another knockdown – he took a knee.

Clarke DOES now get the knockdown #WoodLara

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 18, 2023

The underdog had a much better time in the next three minutes: a lot of lazy jab, countered well. But 30 seconds before the gong was again on the floor. For the fourth time, Duffus was knocked down moments before the final gong.

WHAT A SHOT from @C4CHEV who scores a knockdown with the last punch of the fight and moves to 5-0 #WoodLara

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 18, 2023

The score of the judges: twice 98-88 and 98-90. A very useful fight for an Olympian.

Clark UD 10.