Alexander Volkov named potential rivals

Alexander Volkov named potential rivals

Having won an early victory over Alexander Romanov, the eighth number in the UFC heavyweight rating, Alexander Volkov, listed the fighters, one of whom he would like to see as his opponent in the next fight.

“I don’t mind fighting Tai Tuivasa,” Drago said at a press conference after UFC Fight Night 221. “The only negative is that he already has several defeats in a row, and this may slightly devalue my victory, if any. If a fight is offered, I’d be happy to fight Tuivasa too, but I’d still like to rematch someone I’ve lost to before. Maybe it could be Cyril Gan, or someone else.”

At the same time, the Russian made it clear that he was not too interested in a rematch with Derrick Lewis, whom he lost by knockout in 2018.

“About Derrick Lewis, the situation is the same as with Tuivasa. He lost to the guys with whom I trained, these are Spivak and Pavlovich. I helped Pavlovich prepare for Lewis, who already has several defeats in a row. If the choice is between Lewis and Tuivasa, I’m more interested in fighting Tuivasa than in a rematch with Lewis.”

Recall that the heavyweight fight between Volkov and Romanov, which became the second most important event of the event, ended at 2:16 of the first round with the defeat of the Moldavian fighter by technical knockout.