Alex Volkanovski’s team has no evidence of Islam Makhachev’s guilt

Alex Volkanovski's team has no evidence of Islam Makhachev's guilt

Alexander Volkanovski’s team is convinced that Islam Makhachev violated the UFC anti-doping policy, but does not have enough evidence to press charges against the Russian fighter.

Eugene Bairman, head coach of the City Kickboxing club, announced this in the next edition of the MMA Hour program.

“We have reliable information, but it is not enough for several reasons, and one of them is that it is really possible to put a dropper before the fight, but not more than one hundred milliliters in 12 hours,” the specialist said. “It all comes down to whether you believe people took a hundred milliliters and stopped”

“We have enough reason to pay attention to this. That’s why Alex and the others laugh at this – we know for sure something is going on, we just can’t tell what it is. It’s frustrating, because in sports you need to play on an equal footing. If someone from my team did something forbidden, I would immediately distance the team from this person. Maybe something will come out.”

After Alex Volkanovski lost to Islam Makhachev by unanimous decision at UFC 284 in Perth, the Australian, as well as his teammate Dan Hooker, accused the Russian of using a saline dropper to recover from the weight race, which since 2015 violates the organization’s anti-doping policy.

The Russian team called these accusations nonsense, explaining the bruises on the fighter’s veins by taking blood for anti-doping testing.