“You yourself saw everything with Lomachenko.” Teofimo Lopez says he loves lefties


Former world lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) claims that he did not hesitate for a second, agreeing to replace his opponent in the upcoming December 11 fight in New York.

Recall that initially Lopez was supposed to fight Jose Pedraza, but three weeks before entering the ring, after it became known about Jose’s illness, there was a replacement for Sandor Martin (40-2, 13 KOs).

The main difference between boxers is different stances: Pedraza is right-handed, while Martin is left-handed.

But Teofimo assured him that he didn’t care.

“I have no problem with lefties, I even love them,” said Lopez. – I mean, you guys saw everything yourself when I fought Lomachenko and Magdaleno. Now I’m looking forward to getting into the ring to hit that pepper harder. Do you know why? Because the dude talks a bunch of nonsense. He really believed in his own hype. But it’s even better for us. Just great. I love guys who talk a lot of shit because I can shut them up.”

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