You will laugh, but the Davis-Garcia fight is on the verge of collapse. Named reason


In January, promoter Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) in an ultimatum form demanded to quickly conclude a deal for a superfight between top American knockouts Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs). His plan worked – De La Hoya even showed the contract.

It seemed that all the obstacles in the way of the duel scheduled for April 15 in the contractual weight limit (up to 61.7 kg) were removed – the fight will take place in Las Vegas (USA) on Showtime PPV.

Looks like this isn’t the end of the story. Same De La Hoya
told about the reasons for the new delay – this is the revenge clause: “Everything stalled on this. But the finish line is only half a step away.”

According to De La Hoya, there are several problems: “Revenge is activated only if Ryan wins. OK, no problem. But I believe that in this case we automatically become side A. It’s always been that way, that’s the way it is here. This is normal for boxing. We are not reinventing the wheel.”

Everything is simple here. De La Hoya collaborates with
streaming DAZN
. And he wants that if (his fighter) Garcia wins, the second fight will take place on their platform. At the fighter RVS Al Haymon Davis is strongly opposed – they insist on Showtime PPV.

De La Hoya is angry: “Haymon wants to control everything. We have already made serious concessions several times already. Ryan agreed to go first to the ring, we agreed on a penalty in case of his superiority. We agreed that the revenge will take place only if Garcia wins. But we cannot agree to this, since we must first of all think about the interests of our telepartner. I hope they make the right decision and don’t derail this superfight.”

Rumor has it that the distribution of the prize fund will be tangible in favor of Davis. This is potentially the biggest (commercially speaking) fight in boxing right now.

Canelo thinks Gervonta will beat his former pal Garcia, and Davis’s prospect criticizes Davis’ opposition.