“You will know my name!” Russian heavyweight responded to Fury


Heavyweight fighter (over 90.7 kg) from the Russian Federation Arslanbek Makhmudov (15-0, 14 KOs) gave
interview for a news portal from Britain.

In a conversation, Arslanbek commented on the words of WBC champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs), assessed his next opponent and spoke about his extremely uncertain performance.

Recall that Fury recently made fun of Arslanbek’s name and said that he could only fight with such rivals in a “bag-tour at the end of his career.” Note that both fighters are under contract with Top Rank Promotions.

A few days ago I asked Tyson Fury if he knew your name. He has never heard of you. Was he telling the truth?

— [улыбается] I don’t know, it’s boxing. May be. When did he have his last fight there, 2 months ago? Maybe he missed a bit of extra punches and forgot [смеётся]. I dont know [смеётся]. To be honest, I don’t think he understood, but he knows me.

– You are now number four in the WBC rankings. That’s why I said your name to Tyson. But anyway, now he already knows your name. Do you have plans to visit Britain?

– Come for what? Just for a visit?

– Yes.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have much free time. After the last fight, I took a week off and started training. If I’m going somewhere, it’s for a reason. For example, take a break to the south. If I have a reason to visit Britain, I will. No problem.

Tyson asked who you fought. I said with Carlos Tacom. I said you dropped it twice and won on points. He wasn’t impressed, saying that Joe Joyce stopped him, as did Derek Chisora. Do you have an answer for this?

“Honestly, in this fight I was at 60% of my form. Because in the previous fight with Mariusz Wach I broke my right arm. For two months I couldn’t even beat her. Then there was Ramadan, then I went to Russia to see my parents. In general, I was not in the gym for six months. I did some training, but it wasn’t real work. For half a year I was not in shape, and then I had 2 months, even less, to prepare. I think, honestly, that this is my mistake. I took this opponent lightly. But I respect him, he was in very good shape. It was like a warm-up fight for me. It’s like preparing for a bigger, tougher fight.

– Now Tyson is going to fight for the third time with Derek Chisora. What do you think of it?

I heard that he retired.

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No, he fights Tyson Fury.

– Wow. Have they already fought?

– Yes, twice. In the first fight, Tyson won on points, and in the second he stopped after the eighth or ninth round.

“I don’t know why he chose this fight. For him now there are only two fights – this is Joshua and Usyk. I don’t understand what he is doing. If not Joshua or Usyk, then Arslanbek is ready at any time [смеётся].

– If you are offered a duel on December 3, will you be interested?

– Why not? Of course. I will come to the big fight, I will come to become the world champion. Why not? Of course, he has more experience than me, blah, blah, blah, but that’s not a problem. I believe in myself. I believe I can beat him. Of course. I’m realist. I know this guy, his boxing IQ. I respect his boxing, but I also know myself. I can beat Tyson Fury, I can beat Joshua and Usyk. I know it won’t be easy, but anything is possible.

– What are your skills that will help you beat Tyson Fury? Explain to me?

— I have something. I am Arslanbek Makhmudov. There is no one like me [смеётся]. Nobody. He had never seen such guys. My technique is non-standard, not the same as everyone else’s. She is uncomfortable for people. That’s why. I know what I own.

Joshua doesn’t have a next opponent. He is looking for someone for December. I think he is number nine in the WBC rankings. Maybe there will be a duel with you?

– I called him. I saw him visit my Instagram page. Checked it out. I said, “Yeah, okay, let’s fight, let’s do it!”

Did he answer you?

– There is nothing. Zero.

Okay, last message for Tyson Fury then, if he’s watching.

– Tyson, I’m here, brother. I’m coming to take your title. Very soon you will be able to pronounce my name well! It’s like Muhammad Ali was teaching a guy, “What’s my name?” [смеётся]. You will know my name!