You look like raw sausage! McGregor called out a fighter who was beaten by Berinchyk


Former UFC champion challenged Artem Lobov

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor challenged Artem Lobov, an Irish fighter who had previously changed his Russian citizenship.

McGegor: “Artyom is now also trying to sue me and my father for libel. Artem, you look like raw sausage. Jump in the pan, buddy, you don’t look good. God bless you, buddy.

This is a challenge to Artyom, a fun magic pillow, Lobov. I challenge you to a fight today at 22:30. I will meet you at SBG Concord and we will fight for everything. Let’s break down everything the lawyers tell me about libel and all these lawsuits and things. Answer that damn scream, you little blouse.”

Lobov has previously filed a lawsuit against McGregor over the Proper Twelve whiskey brand. The Irishman claims for 15 million pounds sterling, believing that his idea served as the basis for creating a business.

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchyk won a fist fight against Artem Lobov.