Yerbosynuly was brought out of a coma, he is recovering powerfully – sources


31-year-old Kazakhstani Aidos Yerbosynuly (16-1, 11 KOs), who suffered a head injury in a recent fight for the title of “regular” WBA super middleweight champion against David Morrel (8-0, 7 KOs), was taken out of medical coma and was transferred from intensive care to a regular hospital ward. He’s getting better, they said.
Fight Freaks Unite sources aware of his condition.

The fight that ended in tragedy took place on the morning of November 6, European time: Aidos was beaten and knocked out in the 12th round, after which he felt very bad. The fighter was urgently taken to a hospital in Minneapolis (USA), put into a medically induced coma and underwent surgery to reduce cerebral edema.

Almost two weeks later, “he’s showing a huge improvement,” sources say.

One source claims that Yerbosynuly can talk, while another said that he can even walk to some extent.

Morrel: “They are not afraid of me, but they know for sure that Morrel will come for them”

According to insider Dan Rafael’s sources, TGB Promotions and PBC Al Haymon have a representative in Minneapolis to help the Yerbosynuly team. They also had to bring members of his family from Kazakhstan.

Morrel’s coach believes that Yerbosynuly’s career is over. Captain Obvious, by golly.

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