Yard won a moral victory in the battle with Beterbiev – expert


Former world champion in two categories, and now boxing expert Paul Malignaggi suggested that despite the defeat in the last fight for the title of unified light heavyweight champion from Arthur Beterbiev, Briton Anthony Yard (23-3, 22 KOs) should not say goodbye to hopes to win the prestigious title in the future.

Paul believes that Yard may well write down the lost battle as an asset, at least from a moral point of view.

“I would call the stoppage of the fight a little premature, although I think it would still come to this in the end,” Malignaggi says on his page.
youtube channel. – Be that as it may, I believe that Anthony still won a moral victory in the sense that he showed himself much better than expected from him. I think at light heavyweight in the post-Beterbian period he will have a real chance to compete for a world title.”

Recall that on January 28 in London (England) Yard lost to Beterbiev in a fight for the WBC / IBF / WBO world titles, after he was knocked down in the eighth round, and as soon as the fight continued, his corner refused to continue.

There is an opinion, expressed by a former rival of Beterbiev, that age will win him.