Yair Rodriguez made a statement after losing to Alex Volkanovski

Yair Rodriguez made a statement after losing to Alex Volkanovski

Former interim UFC featherweight champion Yair Rodriguez, who suffered an early defeat in a unification bout against Alexander Volkanovski the day before, summed up the match and also told his fans that he is optimistic about the future and believes in his championship.

“Thank you for your attention, friends!” the Mexican wrote on the social network. “I know that the expectations were not met, but the truth is that I visualized the victory and was mentally ready for it. I can only congratulate Alex Volkanovski and his team on a great performance.”

“It will not knock the ground out from under my feet. I’ve always said it, and I’ll say it again – resilience is a part of me and all Mexicans, and a man must also accept defeat when it knocks on his door. This is not the only opportunity I will have and I will make everyone who loves and supports me proud of me. Long live Mexico today and always!”

The title fight in the featherweight division, which led the UFC 290 tournament in Las Vegas, ended at around 4:19 of the third round with a TKO victory for the Australian. The end of the fight was preceded by an episode with a collision, when Volkanovski, shortening the distance, drove his head into the opponent’s jaw, and Rodriguez, who seized the initiative in the third five-minute period, was shocked and took a pause for recovery.