Yair Rodriguez: “It’s good for me if Volkanovski beats Makhachev”

Yair Rodriguez:

UFC featherweight division number two, Yair Rodriguez, shared his thoughts on the upcoming super fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, who will headline UFC 284 in Perth on February 11.

“I don’t think it’s impossible to beat Makhachev,” Rodriguez told MMA Junkie. “If Alex comes into the fight with a good strategy, keeps his mobility and fights the way he always does, then he can probably win. In terms of percentages, I give Islam 80 percent to win, but the scale can shift either way. The game often depends on the strategy and preparation of each fighter, and we will see if Alex Volkanovski can change the alignment.

According to the Mexican, in this fight he will root for Volkanovski, who holds the UFC featherweight championship belt.

“It’s good for me if Volkanovski beats Makhachev, because if we fight him, it will be an even bigger challenge – I will fight a double champion. So it’s better for me if he wins. I have nothing against Alex or Islam – in fact, quite the contrary, I respect them very much. May the best of them win. But it’s to my advantage that Volkanovski wins, that’s obvious. Given the interests of my career, I would like him to win.”

Recall that the title of the UFC in the light weight category, owned by the Russian, will be at stake in the fight, and the Australian will risk the title of the best fighter of the organization, regardless of weight.

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