WWFC: “Fighters of Lobov’s level should pay us extra”


The Ukrainian promotion responded to the Irishman

The Ukrainian MMA promotion WWFC made an official appeal to the fighter Artem Lobov, who previously said that they would be left without pants if they signed a contract with him.

“If the WWFC spends money on fees for such fighters, it will really be left without pants. Since, in addition to the ability to go forward and talk a lot, it is also important for MMA to be able to fight, and this ability is clearly displayed in a fighter’s record.

That is why we believe that fighters with a negative record, as in the case of Artem Lobov, or such a huge number of defeats, should pay extra to the league in order to get the opportunity to fight in it.

The practice of recent years shows that fighters and champions of the league sign up for the top 3 promotions in the world. That is why the WWFC League considers spending money on fighters who have not achieved anything in MMA, but only worsened their fighting performance, an extremely dubious idea. As well as signing everyone who is horrible, and giving them undeservedly exaggerated fees.

For performance in the league, as an exception, we are ready to offer Lobov $500 and the same amount for the victory. But even for $500, the level of opposition in our league will remain the strongest in the world!

As for the negotiations on fisticuffs, where Artem Lobov is indeed a top fighter, WWFC, as an expert and record holder in holding mass sporting events in Ukraine, in particular martial arts, expresses its full readiness to organize this fight!”

Recall that Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchyk challenged Lobov to a bare-knuckle fight. Artem agreed, but said that he would fight in the Mahatch organization.